About Executive Network Sales

Established in 2001 and fulfilling permanent, interim and contract roles, Executive Network specialises in sales vacancies and associated positions at all levels across a range of niche sectors throughout the UK.

Sounds like every other sales recruitment provider so far doesn’t it?  So why are we different and dare we say it, better?

  • Our team is split into niche market sectors, ensuring that you only deal with Consultants who really understand your industry.  Speaking your language allows our staff to understand your needs and to gain credibility with your industry.
  • Our team is tasked with:
    • Remaining up to date with innovation, initiatives and updates in their niche market through membership of relevant industry bodies and targeted CPD.
    • Continuously extending their databases and networks to access opportunities not active in the market and are therefore less likely to be using traditional advertising methods.
    • Creating flexible and tailored processes to fit the needs, preferences and timescales of individual clients.
    • Ensuring that jobseekers are thoroughly briefed on the company, department and role.
  • Matching skill sets to the role is usually relatively easy.  It’s combining the right skills with the right cultural and personality fit that makes us different.
  • We provide a headhunt / search style service as a standard part of our contingency recruitment offering – we don’t just wait for the jobseekers to come to us.
  • Your employment brand is what attracts and retains the best staff – we promote and protect it to maximise jobseeker commitment and engagement.
  • Our shortlists are short – 3 to 4 candidates who can all do the job.
  • We’re not interested in just making placements – we’re committed to providing matches that will contribute tangibly to performance and profitability in the longer term.

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