Hillhead – Why you should embrace the trade show

This week our team of consultants here at Executive Network’s Equipment Division will be joining many other industry professionals at the Hillhead trade show in Buxton. Located at Hillhead Quarry, Hillhead is the world’s biggest working demonstration in quarrying, recycling and heavy construction.

Construction jobs, quarrying jobs, equipment jobs

Hillhead – a demonstration in quarrying, recycling and heavy construction

With 461 exhibitors showcasing their products this year – the greatest number of exhibitors ever – it’s a good sign that the equipment and construction industry is flourishing. Hillhead offers the chance for companies to show off their new products, and the likes of Terex, JCB and CAT will all be exhibiting. The opportunity for new business is huge!

However, there has been a general decline in trade show attendance over the last few years, with fewer and fewer people deeming it a valuable use of their time. Maybe one or two of us have been to a show in the past purely to grab a load of freebies and roam around under the pretence of “networking”?? Well yes, if this is all you’re doing then this is definitely a bad use of time! But you’re getting it all wrong. Trust me, a huge trade show like Hillhead CAN be beneficial to you.

From a recruiter’s point of view trade shows allow us to get a better understanding of the products and people that work in our industry – and in simple terms, if we genuinely understand the products that our candidates are manufacturing, selling and maintaining, then this has to put us one step ahead of our competitors.

But it’s not just recruiters who should attend trade shows. Everyone who works in the heavy equipment industry could potentially benefit from going along. Both job seekers and employers can use a trade show to their advantage – the key is to plan ahead. The point of any trade show is to network and garner information, not to be the person who ambles around, collecting freebies, hoping to meet somebody that’ll change their year…sorry to sound harsh, but it just won’t happen!

Construction jobs, quarrying jobs, equipment jobs

It’s all about networking!

It’s important to plan ahead and book things in advance otherwise you’ll just end up being that person walking around aimlessly. Hillhead offer an interactive event planner on their  website which can be found here http://www.showplans.com/hillhead2012/. It might also be useful to arrange to meet key contacts at certain locations at various times.

That said, whether you’re attending as a vendor or a customer you never know when a good business opportunity might present itself. The luckiest people are the ones that take opportunities presented to them and go in with an open mind – you make your own luck as they say. An impromptu conversation with a vendor or attendee about what you do and what they do might lead to something…you never know how things could pan out!

Construction jobs, equipment jobs, sales jobs, service engineer jobs

It’s important to plan ahead

Even if you’re not a confident networker, simply the sheer number of companies showing off their new and existing products is reason enough to get involved. Knowledge is power, and with many exhibitors having experts on hand to provide information on particular topics or products, if you do nothing more than immerse yourself in the show you can’t help but win. Especially if you look online before you attend and target companies and products that would be beneficial to you and your business. For example, Hillhead has 3 large demo areas – Quarry Face, Rock Processing and Recycling – that should have lots of new and innovative products on show. We’ll definitely be heading there!

Like most things in life – the more you put in the more you get out. So embrace trade shows and make the most of the unique opportunities that these events can present.

If you would like to arrange to meet one of our own recruitment consultants at Hillhead please contact us on info@ensales.co.uk or 0121 450 5000.

By Jennie Everall, Digital Marketing Executive – Executive Network Sales Ltd.

Executive Network Sales Ltd specialises in sales vacancies and associated positions at all levels across a range of niche sectors throughout the UK.


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